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Setting up the Reality protocol for bypassing censorship on a low-end VPS

Reality is a new technology solution based on Xray-core. It allows your traffic to appear as if you are accessing any foreign website, rather than using a proxy service. This effectively avoids identification and blocking.

The principle of Reality is to use the XTLS protocol and Vision technology to establish a real TLS connection between the client and the server, and send the target website you want to access as the Server Name Indication (SNI) to the server. After receiving the SNI, the server initiates a real TLS connection to the target website and forwards its response to the client. From the outside, it looks like you are directly accessing the target website.

In this article, I will share how I install and use Reality on a VPS with very low configuration.

My server:


System Selection#

First, you need to choose a suitable operating system. Although debian consumes fewer resources than Red Hat-based Linux distributions like centos, it is still not lightweight and efficient enough for a VPS with such low configuration. Therefore, I chose alpine linux.

Installing Reality#

One-click installation command:

apk update && apk add bash curl wget unzip && wget -O && bash

During the process, you only need to enter the port you want to use.


Simply copy the shared link printed out and use it in a client that supports Reality, or use cat to view the Clash meta configuration file.

This method is from: Automatically Install Reality Protocol on a 32MB Memory Alpine VPS

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