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Free VPS List without the need for a credit card

In today's internet era, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become the core infrastructure for many projects. However, for individual users or small projects, purchasing a paid VPS may increase unnecessary costs.

During the search for free VPS, you may come across many providers that require credit card information to access free services. However, this may be a barrier for users without credit cards or those unwilling to provide credit card information. But don't worry! I recommend some free VPS providers that do not require credit cards, helping you choose a VPS that suits your project.

Of course, free things are naturally unstable, but I do not recommend platforms like that delete accounts at any time.

Hax# is a provider of free pure IPv6 servers that need to be renewed every seven days.
Due to high demand, they are usually taken within two to three minutes. VPS is usually released at 1 AM.

Woiden, due to too many people using automatic renewal, now changes to every three days and cannot be renewed.

HAX&VC inventory monitoring:

FreeVPS# is a website similar to Hax, also providing free pure IPv6 servers that need to be renewed every ten days.


VPS is released promptly at 12 PM, but it is extremely difficult to grab as they are usually taken within less than a minute (script battle).


VPSlog is a website that provides free IPv4 NAT VPS, which needs to be renewed every seven days. The release time of VPS is not fixed, but the official website provides inventory monitoring. Upon registration, the quota is only 1, but you can increase it by 1 by filling in the referral ID (My ID: 2084235625).


Main site:
Monitoring site:

Evolution Host#

Evolution Host has a promotion to get a free VPS and a promotion to get a free VDS. Both promotions require mentioning Evolution Host briefly on a blog.Not used.


Get a free VPS:
Get a free VDS:

If I discover any new free VPS platforms, I will update this list promptly. If you find any other free VPS platforms, please share them in the comments below.

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