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Detecting OpenAi quota and models using Python script.

OpenAI is a well-known company in the field of artificial intelligence. Its API can be used in various fields such as natural language processing, image processing, and speech recognition.

There are limitations on the usage of the OpenAI API.

To facilitate users in checking the usage of their API Key, I have developed a Python script called "OpenAI-Checker".

This script can query the remaining quota, used quota, and whether access to OpenAI's latest model GPT-4 is available. Additionally, this script can batch test multiple keys without the need to log in to the official website, making it convenient for users with multiple API Keys.



  1. Go to the project OpenAI-Checker.
  2. Clone or download this repository to your local machine.
  3. Install the required dependencies using pip install requests.
  4. Add your OpenAI API keys to a file named apikey.txt, with one key per line.
  5. Run python to execute the script.

Ensure that you have proper access to and support the use of terminal proxies.

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