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Notion --- Not Just a Note-taking Software

There is a small bonus at the end of the article.

In our daily work and study, we often need to record, organize, and share a large amount of information. Therefore, there are many note-taking applications available on the market.
Today, I would like to introduce you to a highly acclaimed note-taking application called Notion.
Notion was founded by Ivan Zhao. Ivan Zhao was born in China and later moved to Canada. Ivan Zhao was dissatisfied with existing note-taking applications and felt that they had some limitations in terms of user experience and functionality. Therefore, he decided to create a better note-taking application himself, and thus Notion was born. He pays attention to user feedback and continuously improves and enhances the functionality and interface design of Notion. Through his efforts and the support of his team, Ivan Zhao successfully created Notion into a popular note-taking application.


Why I Recommend It#

First of all, I highly recommend Notion instead of other note-taking applications, and one important reason is its excellent user experience.

In the current market, many note-taking applications offer free basic plans, but most of them have made many restrictions in order to make money. Notion provides a good user experience in this regard.


The above image shows a comparison of the various plans offered by Notion. As you can see, the enhanced plan offers some advanced features, but for most individual users, these enhanced features may not be necessary. Notion's free plan already provides enough functionality for individual users to fully utilize its powerful note-taking capabilities.

However, if I only introduce Notion's free plan today, it obviously does not fit my identity as a freeloader 😆

Using It as a Cloud Storage#

As mentioned in the image above, apart from the free version, the file upload in other plans of Notion is unlimited, which means we can use Notion as a cloud storage 😜



Prerequisite: Have a workspace with an enhanced plan (if you don't have one, check out the small bonus at the end of the article)

  1. Create a page where you want to put the files

  2. Enter a title (no restrictions)

  3. Start uploading files
    Click the plus sign next to the block
    Select File
    Select the file you want to upload
    Completion of the example (ngrok.txt is the file I uploaded)

  4. Public access
    Click Share in the upper right corner

When it shows like this, it means your "cloud storage" is ready. You can open the URL for preview or continue uploading files. It has been tested that a single file can be up to about 5GB, and the total amount is unlimited. Moreover, the files downloaded from the "cloud storage" are direct links, which can be used in wget and other tools, very convenient.

Bonus: Thank you for reading this far. You can contact me via Telegram or the contact information at the bottom of the page or via email ([email protected]). The first three people to contact me will receive an enhanced plan account (lifetime). Even if you miss it, contacting me can still allow you to purchase the enhanced plan at a lower price than the official price 😜

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