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".ir" top-level domain name free for one year!

In the previous article, we introduced a tutorial on how to get a free second-level domain in Cloudns.

Free Domain Registration - Using ClouDNS

However, this domain is a second-level domain and cannot be added to Cloudflare, which is very inconvenient.
Today, I will share a tutorial on how to get a free top-level domain without needing a credit card, and how to add it to Cloudflare.


Parsdata is a company that provides data center services, offering virtual hosting, domain registration, and VPS to its customers. They currently offer free .ir domain registration, but there is a waiting list.


  • Need to compete when there are many people
  • Free for only one year, renewal requires payment
  • Requires approval
  • NameServer configuration issues (solution provided below)


  1. Register an account (excluding those who have already registered)
    Follow the prompts to register

    As of writing this article, this page can only be used in Persian and cannot be switched to English.

  2. Log in
    Once registration is complete, go to the login page to log in

  3. Register a domain

    1. Go to the promotion page

      Free Domain Registration

    2. Scroll down until you find a green discount code, copy it

      This discount code is not an image and can be copied.

      Each discount code has a quantity limit. If you find that it cannot be used, it means it has been used up.

      Parsdata updates the invitation codes every few hours.

    3. Go to the domain page

    1. Click on Domain registration
    2. Follow the prompts to register

    If you want to host with Cloudflare, keep the default settings and do not change the NS records for now, unless you can customize the Cloudflare name servers.

  4. Wait for approval
    It may take about 2 days. If you receive the following content in the registered email, it means the approval is successful

At this point, if you want to host with a service provider that provides name servers like, then this article ends here. If you want to host with a service provider like Cloudflare that provides name servers like, please continue reading below.

Bypassing the "Name Server" Modification Restriction#

As of now, Parsdata cannot modify the nameserver to be in the format of, which prevents it from being added to Cloudflare (except for custom name servers).


As shown in the image, it is not possible to save after entering this format of name server.

After my research, I found that it is a frontend check, so we can save it by modifying the frontend code or modifying the submitted data packet.

Here is a method to modify the data packet

  1. Open the browser's developer tools and switch to the Network tab

  2. Enter any name server that matches the format

  3. Capture the data packet
    You can select the first data packet on the Network tab after submitting
    You should get a data packet like the image below

  4. Edit and resend
    Right-click on the data packet and select "Edit and Resend"
    In the message body, find the name server you entered (two of them)
    Modify it to the name server provided by the service provider you want to host with


At this point, the modification should be successful. Wait a few hours and check on Cloudflare to see if it is successfully hosted.


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