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How to get a free EDU email

EDU education email is an electronic email address with the suffix "edu", usually provided by educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities for use by faculty and students. EDU education email can be used not only for communication and learning within the school, but also for enjoying many discounts and benefits, such as:

  • Free or discounted access to various software, cloud services, domain names, website space, etc.
  • Free or discounted access to various academic literature databases, such as Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, ACM, etc.

Therefore, having an EDU education email can bring you a lot of convenience and value, so it is necessary to try to apply for one. This article will introduce how to obtain an EDU education email and provide some benefits of available EDU email applications at the end.

Warning: The methods provided in this article are for reference only, and the author does not guarantee their availability and legality. Using these methods may involve risks and risks of violating regulations, and readers need to bear the consequences of using these methods themselves.

How to obtain:#

Method 1: Community College#

Community colleges are institutions that provide students with two years of pre-university study courses and educational foundations, also known as "two-year colleges".
Generally, you can apply online and get an EDU email after the application is approved.
Since most of the shared community colleges are abused, only approximate methods are provided below.

Some community colleges (not shared by the author)
Want to apply for American edu to get free Azure 100 - nodeseek
EDU Email - If You Enjoy

  1. Find "Apply" on the college's official website
    Here is an example:

Technical College of the Lowcountry

  1. Fill out the application
    Generally, after clicking "Apply", you need to register an account using your personal email, and then fill out the application online or fill out the application during the registration process.

It is recommended to use 好维持 haoweichi to generate random American information.

Randomly generated information for filling out the application by haoweichi

Technical College of the Lowcountry application form

It is recommended to change the birthday to around 20 years old, and remember the filled-in name, birthday, and SSN social security number. Some colleges will not directly send account passwords. If you do not have a record, you can log in to the online application program again to view the filled-in application information (not all online application programs support re-viewing the filled-in application).

  1. Wait for a reply
    After submitting the application, the account password and other information will generally be sent to your personal email within a week. If the reply is not approved, it is recommended to change the IP address, identity information, and personal email, and check the reasonableness of the filled-in information, such as whether there are situations where elderly people or babies are enrolled or living in cities outside the continent, or try to find a college with a more lenient review.

  2. Log in to the email
    Generally, the login method is provided in the reply, usually hosted on Outlook or Gmail.

If you encounter access issues, such as "Technical College of the Lowcountry", try changing the IP.

Method 2: Alumni Email#

Many universities provide alumni email addresses for graduates, mostly with the domain name "". Although you cannot enjoy many benefits, as long as you provide the information, you can get an alumni email, which is still a major advantage.
Alumni information can usually be found in the official website's list or Wikipedia.
To apply for an alumni email, the key is whether the school's review is strict. As long as the review is lenient, the application is usually approved.

Method 3: Self-built#

In general, the ".edu" domain name is a special domain name reserved for educational and academic institutions, and individuals or commercial entities cannot register directly. This is because the use of ".edu" domain names is subject to strict restrictions and must meet the qualification standards of educational institutions. However, in some special cases, individuals or commercial entities can obtain ".edu" domain names.
In this case, you can set up an email system on a server and use this domain name to obtain an edu email.
It should be noted that even if you obtain an EDU email through this method, you may not necessarily enjoy educational discounts.

Method 4: Purchase#

The easiest way is to directly purchase on websites such as Taobao. You only need to pay to get a valid EDU email account.
The advantage of this method is that you can almost enjoy all educational discounts, but the disadvantage is that it violates the usage policies and regulations of universities and may be considered illegal.

Benefits that can be enjoyed (not all)#

JetBrain SuiteFree one-year subscription to IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, etc.
Apple Suite DiscountDiscounts on product purchases
Samsung Suite DiscountDiscounts on product purchases
OriginLabFree one or two-year student version Origin account
NotionFree education version package (excluding Ai)
OfficeFree Office subscription (specifications vary)
AzureFree student subscription (with a $100 annual quota, renewable upon expiration)
ShodanLifetime academic membership
GdriveUnlimited capacity (needs to be hosted on Google)
GithubGithub Student Pack, can enjoy multiple benefits

Help supplement#

If you know any methods or benefits that are not mentioned in the article, please feel free to provide feedback through comments or TG, and I will add them to the article.

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